skye harperWhen fifteen-year old Winston and her nanny receive a letter from Winston’s absent mother, Skye Harper (formerly known as Judith Lee Fletcher), they know that something is afoot. Winston’s momma ran off eleven years ago to become a star, leaving Winston in the care of her grandmother, Nanny, and though postcards have been few, letters have been even more scarce.

Winston’s momma writes that she has “run aground” in Vegas after having danced and sung and done a few bit acting parts. She is out of cash and out of steam and asks Nanny and Winston to come get her. Winston has little but disdain for her mother, but Nanny misses her daughter and makes plans to bring her home — plans that include a “borrowed” RV. Nanny, Winston, Thelma the dog, and Denny the one-legged rooster head toward Vegas, but they don’t count on the RV containing a stowaway in it: Winston’s crush, Steve.

What ensues is a charming 1970’s young adult road-trip novel with character, romance, expectations, and a careful negotiation of family relationships. Carol Lynch Williams delivers in Signed, Skye Harper.

NOTE: For the sensitive, there are a few swear words in the text.

BOOK GIVEAWAY: To be entered in a drawing for an advanced reader copy of Signed, Skye Harper by Carol Lynch Williams, tell me where you would go in an RV on a road trip with your grandmother, a cute boy, and a one-legged rooster. Winner will be notified on Friday, July 25th.