The plans were made, and remade. The art was done, torn up and discarded, and done again. And again.

We made lists. Then new lists. Then back to the old lists.

We painted, drew, beaded, collaged, stenciled, layered, traced and cut away.

Contributors sent work from across the globe and over oceans.

Then we waited.

Saw the proofs, made notes, wrote corrections.

Saw more proofs, made more corrections. Added and subtracted.

Went through another set of proofs. Then closed the envelope, sealed it and said good bye.

And now, hello.

Hello, book!

Welcome, Map Art Lab!

Join our blog hop, starting on Wednesday, for lots of chances to win a copy of Map Art Lab, with co-author, Jill Berry. Here’s the schedule:
May 7 Linden McNeilly
May 8 Kim Rae Nugent
May 9 Debbie Gonzalez
May 9 Cynthia Morris
May 10 Amy Smith
May 12 Sean Corcoran
May 13 Janet Fox
May 14 Tony Kehlhofer
May 15 Laurie Mika
May 16 Jill Berry