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We are full-time cruisers, NOT live-aboards. As cruisers, Don and I continuously travel in our sea-worthy home—we do NOT merely live in a boat at a marina. Full-time cruising includes:ferry to man on 911

1) Navigating adventurous, breathtakingLeaving NY Harbor at dawn
(or physically and emotionally brutal) days at sea;

2) Anchoring for a spell to reflect on the day, review where we’ve been, make minor repairs and study the navigational plans for the next day; or

albemarle map Marathon Fishermans Bay at Dawn

3) Securing our ship to a dock in some distant port to rest, rehabilitate, explore and do major ship (or personal) overhauls. We know from experience, the body and mind need downtime to sharpen our ability to notice and react to the wonderful (or brutal) events at sea. Knowing our bodies, our ship and our life-raft are in good shape inspires us to cast off our lines for our next journey.pedi Great Bridge2On the hard

Recently, we’ve been in port for a very long time, not cruising, yet, I never doubt that we are full-time cruisers. And this, my friends, is the perfect segue to talk about my life as a writer.


When I write, when the words flow through me, out my fingertips through the ink of a pen or the digit of a keyboard, I’m in “the zone.”  Creating is full of adventure and breathtaking moments (or equally physically and emotionally brutal ones.)


Revising is like setting an anchor. It is my time to reflect on what I’ve written, fix issues that are easily apparent, and think about what I’ll want to write the next day.MH900078812

But if the analogy follows through, when I’m docked, um. . .I mean, when I’m not writing, wordless, I should have no doubt that I am still a wordsmith.


And yet, I often do.

So I vow today to use this analogy as a writer’s life raft.

I am not wordless. I’m temporarily in port for all of that body and mind down time and rehabilitation to sharpen my senses for the next journey.

(This life raft has plenty of room. When you’re1024x1024 life of pi 14
rested, you’ll be itching to cast off your lines and get writing.)