Have you ever been in a slump?
For instance, let’s say there’s a leak coming into your apartment, and then you get a rejection letter, and then you pull your back out and can barely move.  Or when your writing seems to be something you’ll never get to, or something that’s not worth doing, something that’s never going to be good enough for anything.  Or maybe your just down, and you don’t really know why.
All of these things have happened to me in the past month.  When I hit these slumps, I have to do something to get out of them.  Be proactive.  Fix it myself.
So I take a class.  Or sign up for a workshop.  I may not always (never) have the money, but I find it somewhere (credit card).  It’s an investment that I hope will eventually pay off.
The last time this happened, I signed up for a workshop.  I can’t say the criticism I received was astounding or life changing, but it got me writing.  It brought new hope to a half-written novel that I thought was dead.  It gave me purpose, which was exactly what I needed.
The novel I’ve been submitting (not the one mentioned above) hasn’t been touched for a while.  I felt like I couldn’t take it any where else; I was done.  But still, no one has been willing to give it a chance.  I’m in a slump, but I’m not ready to give up on it.  So I signed up for a master class on plot and structure.  The biggest piece of criticism I got in the past was that it seemed to “just end.”  Hopefully working on plot and structure will tell me what’s missing, get me out of the slump.  And the price tag will force me to listen.