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(Posting in place of Linden)

I’ve got doubt. Self-doubt, of sorts. And it’s in my gut.



Here (pinky swearing with the sore spot in the small of my back).

It’s crazy ugly.

Uglier than politics and scandal and the spit from the guy who was biking in front of me on my way to the grocery store today. For milk. MILK.

But that nasty spit
From the man whose face I never saw–

My gut cut UP from laughing at the spit in my hair and my mouth (tasted sweet–he must have had rice for lunch),

Because really, I swallowed a bug the other day while biking with my mouth open and I should have learned one of life’s greatest lessons:

Do not self-doubt while biking, it’ll leave you unaware. And do not bike with your mouth open lest you ingest insects or be spit upon.

It’s that simple.