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A confession: this summer, I am catching up on the episodes of Glee that I’ve missed through the last, um, three years.

So the other day when it was kind of foggy outside, my daughter was off at camp and my husband was out in the yard, I watched a few episodes.

Maybe a few more than a few.

Maybe about ten.

In a row.

It’s so easy on Netflix streaming. Get to the end of the episode, hear that upbeat vocal that sounds sort of like popcorn popping, and just click the “Browse” button to take you to the next episode. Netflix makes it so, so easy. Click, watch, click, watch. Hours go by.

I love singing and dancing, particularly when I can understand—or even know—the lyrics. I love songs that aren’t screamed or whined. I like watching men dance. Not break dance, really dance.

All these things are true, but there’s something else. I like Sue.

She’s lean and mean and knows it. But she loves her sister and wants her students to win. She’s got complexity and sass and is totally cruel. But she holds her sister’s hand and reads picture books to her. She’s the perfect villain. Imperfect. Horrible. Vulnerable.

I wonder what she’ll do next and say next. Who she will push in the hallway. Who she will scare. And who she will be tender to.  At some point, she may even cry.

So I keep pushing “Play next episode.”