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Last week Leda Schubert posted on Facebook a YouTube clip of Nic Jones singing “Ten Thousand Miles” with his son Joe.

I’m not a music aficionado. I rarely listen to music because unless there’s a brief span of time in which I can sit down to listen to it with nothing else in the world to think about or worry about, music is just extra noise. You probably think that’s sad. I know I do. I didn’t always used to be this way and I hold on to the hope that I’ll grow out of it one day.

But there was something about the Nic Jones clip that sent me on a wild scavenger hunt through cyberspace to learn more about him. His voice penetrated my steely aversion to music to charm and captivate me. But more than that, you can tell that the man has jackhammered his way through adversity and is singing alongside his son with the kind of strength and grip on life that can only be defined as indomitable.

Jones had his career ripped from him in seconds and then rebuilt his life after suffering debilitating injuries to his body and brain. His is a life, a story, and a song that sets fire to my soul and snaps me back to attention: life is precious. That’s the power of music I’m glad to be reminded of.

Nic Jones is indomitable. And his voice is sweet, sweet, sweet.