I am pinch blogging today for Rachel, who is off somewhere else being brilliant and creative, so I’m multi-tasking: saving flowers from death by sunshine, and writing poetry.

Well, writing a limerick, anyway. Are limericks technically considered poems? I ask because poetry takes me a long time to process and understand, while limericks are, um, easy for me to understand. Anyway, this is one of those silly questions I feel sure I know the answer to but then doubt myself. Kind of like second-guessing the way to spell an ordinary word, like ‘cereal,’ or ‘tomorrow.”

[hold on a second]

I googled it and found answers. Yes. Rest assured. As any grade-school child could tell you, a limerick is technically a poem (duh). It has five lines. It rhymes. It’s elementary, dear reader.

Here I go…

There once was a super-sad flower
Who desperately needed some water
So I gave her a drink
From the kitchen sink
And now she’s not a goner.

But the Beastie Boys did it better:


And so did this leprechaun:


Now it’s your turn!